Bugling Bull Game Calls

Rockie Jacobsen has owned Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Supplies (formerly Bugling Bull Game Calls) since 1993. He and his son, Corey Jacobsen, along with Steve Chappell and Kristy Titus team up to produce some of the most versatile and realistic sounding calls on the market. These folks are public land hunters and know how to make calls to pull in pressured elk.

All of the Bugling Bull Game Calls are now available below with free U.S. shipping for orders $50 or more, or a flat rate of $5 for under $50.

Rockie is a three-time RMEF World Champion elk caller. He invented the Palate Plate design, which Primos uses on their calls. He is co-host of Explorer’s Big Game Journal TV Show 

Corey is a four-time World Champion elk caller. He won the new Champion of Champions division in 2013, barely edging out Rockie in two different tie breakers. He has finished in the top 5 in the Professional Division at the RMEF World Championship Elk Calling contest over a dozen times times.

Steve Chappell has been an elk hunting guide for over 20 years. He has a hunting TV show and has collaborated with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls since 2010 to develop the Signature Series line of custom elk calls.

Kristy Titus is a published writer for several publications and has hosted and appeared on multiple outdoor television shows.

We have put together a money-saving combination package of Bugling Bull Game Calls and ElkNut's elk calling instructional productions. Click here for more information found on the ElkNut page.

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The Best Elk Calls Available:
Bugling Bull Game Calls

Bugles/Grunt Tubes:

Select-A-Bull Calling System

The Select-A-Bull Calling System has the Bugling Bull Game Calls Conqueror mouthpiece on it that allows the use of teeth on a rubber flap, instead of your tongue or lip, to vary the pressure to make the varied notes of elk sounds. (You can also just use a mouth diaphragm call with all of their tubes.)

The Select-A-Bull also incorporates the Tone Selector to "dial" small, medium, or large bull sounds, as desired. It has a quiet, extendable inside tube to provide for compaction to make it easier to carry. Rockie's patented "Tube Tamer" (on the Select-A-Bull and Bully Bull Grunt Tube) is a rubber vibration damper that helps to eliminate unnatural resonance from the plastic grunt tube.


The NEW Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ Grunt Tube is designed for use with diaphragm calls. With a new, larger diameter mouth-opening and tapered venturi design, you can put your lips inside the mouth-opening more easily. The Bully Bull ‘Extreme’ still creates consistent airflow with ideal back pressure for easier to obtain octave changes. (It does not include include the Tone Selector, but does have the same Tube Tamer described above.) The rest of the tube, besides the mouth-opening, is the same size as the Bully Bull above. Designed by world champion elk callers Corey Jacobsen and Rockie Jacobsen.


The Pack-A-Bull System is a smaller Bugling Bull Game Calls tube made with the Conqueror external mouthpiece. The diameter of the tube is not as big and "throaty" as the other two, or as long, but is made for reduced bulk.


Wapiti Whacker

In the Professional Series, the "Wapiti Whacker" will create all the sounds, even the high pitch screaming challenge, location and display calls of a bull elk. With all of these innovative ideas all wrapped up in one unit, you can now expect the accuracy, realism and ease of use in this Bugle Tube. The most realistic sounding elk grunt tube ever! For use with your favorite mouth diaphragm call.

Mouth opening: 1” / Length: 20”


Wild Frenzy

The "Wild Frenzy" Bugle Tube from Rocky Mountain Calls is a Rockie Jacobsen and Kristy Titus creation. It delivers both the volume and raspy sounds that allow you throw down a challenge to big bulls when the heat is on during the rut. It has the Tone Selector at the end of the tube that gives you the ability to change the volume and control the back pressure on your diaphragm. The Volume Enhanced Tone Technology (V.E.T.T.) system allows you to produce exceptional volume, consistent high notes, raspy growls and smooth octave changes – all with minimal air pressure. The Tube Tamer is a vibration dampener on the inside of the large end of the tube, which eliminates plastic "tuby" sounds. 

Mouth Opening 1"

Length 18"


Hand-held Reed Calls:

The Temptress Elk Call

Designed by Rockie Jacobsen, the “Temptress” utilizes the innovative “Tone Cap”. This cow call was used by the winners of the Professional, Men’s & Women’s Division at the 2011 RMEF Elk Calling Championships.

The most realistic cow call ever for no-stick response every time.
To use, simply place your top lip over the reed, positioning your lip against the “Tone Cap”. Softly blow air over the reed to obtain sweet cow/calf mews. Firmer lip pressure creates higher pitches, while less lip pressure results in deeper pitches. The squeezable end cap , as well as the holes in the “Tone Cap”, can be used to change the tone, pitch, and volume of the call.


Trophy Wife 2020

The "Trophy Wife" is part of the Steve Chappell Signature Series. is made to produce the nasally, estrus sounds, but will produce all cow/calf mews. It can also produce and imitate the estrus scream. The Trophy Wife is easy to blow and sensitive. Simply use your top lip on the reed and blow air across the reed. Firmer lip pressure creates higher pitches, while less lip pressure results in deeper pitches.

Cow mews start with a high pitch and taper smoothly to a lower pitch. Mews should be about 1 second in length. Chirps are shorter and higher pitched, lasting less than a second. Estrus mews are pleading and drawn out to 1½ seconds or longer. Practice on the call and listen to real elk on ElkNut's CDs and DVDs, since they are the best teachers of all! 



The "On Fire" is a medium sized acrylic cow call has a smaller sound board and barrel. The narrow v-notched reed creates soft nasal mews, chirps and great estrus whines. It is in the Rockie Jacobsen Series. 


Voo Doo

From the Professional Series, the "Voo Doo" cow call was designed to put a spell on the majestic bull elk. With its unique sound board of vented holes and tone quality acrylic barrel, this call will produce realism, accuracy and ease of use in elk call sounds. With its pleading estrus sounds, easy to obtain mews and chirps of both cows and calves will make the Voo Doo hard to beat for calling in your next elk.



The "Seducer" has a polished black acrylic barrel with the RMEF logo engraved on it. The sound board has 2 holes that create very mellow sounds. The combination of acrylic barrel, sound board and reed produce very clear notes of cow and calf mews and chirps. The Seducer will also make great estrus sounds. Lanyard included.


Heart Breaker

Built under the Steve Chappell signature series line, the "Heart Breaker" has a wide reed, wide sound board and lip positioning ring. The Heart Breaker can produce all cow/ calf mews and nasally estrus sounds as well as the estrus scream.


Diaphragm Calls:

Steve Chappell 3 Pack Signature Series Elk Diaphragms. Built on the wildly successful GTP frame, the Steven Chappell 3 pack now lets you make the absolute most aggressive challenge bugles to the softest cow calls.


Royal Point

The “Royal Point” Steve Chappell Signature Series Elk Diaphragm (Advanced) is built on the wildly successful GTP frame, this call is a single latex that is for simply bugling to challenge a herd bull. You can make the absolute most aggressive challenge bugles with it.


Tines Up

The "Tines Up"- Steve Chappell Signature Series Elk Diaphragm, (Intermediate) is built on the wildly successful GTP frame, this is a double latex call with a special notch cut in the latex so that it can produce an extra excitement in your cow calls. It also helps to make aggressive bugles.


GTP 3 Pack Diaphragms. This multi pack is the perfect choice for those who prefer our GTP diaphragms. The #134 Black Magic, The #135 Reaper and the #139 Spellbound all in one package.



The "Reaper GTP Diaphragm", (Intermediate) in the Professional Series, is made on the Golden Tone Plate frame. It was created to make very aggressive bugles sounding like a frustrated bull challenging for the herd. You can also get it to reproduce the estrus whine of a cow in heat.


Black Magic

The "Black Magic GTP Diaphragm", (Novice) Professional Series is a “GTP” GOLDEN TONE plate diaphragm This call is made on our Golden Tone Plate frame. It is an advanced design that will bugle like a frustrated bull. It also has the capability of producing excellent clarity when making cow mews and chirps.


Da Bull

A Rockie Jacobsen production, "Da Bull" is a non-latex diaphragm that allows the hunter with latex allergies to still use a diaphragm. This call can create a wide variety of cow/calf sounds in addition to bull bugles.


Elk 101 3 Pack Diaphragms. This multi pack is the perfect choice for those who prefer the Elk101 diaphragms. The #C1 All-Star The #C2 Contender and the #C4 “Champ” all in one package


The "Elk 101" diaphragm call was used by Corey to win the 2018 RMEF Elk Calling Championships. A call designed to give the caller the option of bugling very aggressively or very passively. It also cow calls very well.


The Champ makes small to medium cow, calf and bull sounds. Also creates a more nasally cow sound and a higher pitched screaming bugle.


Wild Fury

The "Wild Fury" Kristy Titus Signature Series Elk Diaphragm (Novice), was designed by Rockie Jacobsen and Kristy Titus with the PlasticPalate Plate top. It is very responsive for making those nasal cow/calf sounds. It is also good for a full range of bugles.



The "Raptor RTS Diaphragm" latex is precisely stretched to produce the older excited cow estrus whines and cries. It also will create the deeper growls, chuckles and screaming challenge bugle of herd bulls.



The "Elk Slayer" RTS Diaphragm latex is stretched to create the nasal estrus cow sounds as well as mews, chirps and whines. It can also produce the high pitch satellite bugles and easy octave changes for location bugles


Mellow Yellow Momma Palate Plate Diaphragm: Single 3/4 racked latex. Designed with 2 notches in latex to create easier obtained mews, chirps and nasal sounds of cows and calves. It's one of my wo go-to calls when I'm hunting elk.


Raging Bull Larger Photo

Raging Bull (Brown) Single lite Latex Palate Plate: Bugling Bull Game Calls most popular call gives you the versatility of making all cow/calf & bull sounds. This and the Mellow Yellow are my two favorite Bugling Bull Game Calls for elk. I seem to lose a lot of these Raging Bull calls, because there's always one there in the heat of the moment!


The Remedy (Navy Blue) Palate Plate Diaphragm: Single lite latex. A very popular call, giving you great versatility for making cow/calf to bull sounds, spike to satellite.


About Bugling Bull Game Calls Tone Top Diaphragms:

Accurately designed chambered Tone Top creates all Elk sounds with more ease, realism and comfort. These have Wider frames than “Palate Plates”.

“Signature Series” All Star Single light latex: Bull, cow & calf sounds. The most versatile diaphragm elk call ever. A collaboration of designs by World Champion Elk Callers Rockie and Corey Jacobsen, the “ALL-STAR” Tone Top Diaphragm creates the most realistic, easy-to-obtain elk sounds with ease.


Herd Master Tone Top Single Lite Latex: Small to medium bull, cow/calf sounds. Better fit…more comfort…easy to achieve tone control.


The Mini Master Tone Top Single: has a narrower frame for youth, women and men with a narrow roofed palate area. The tape is trimmed to fit more comfortably in your mouth. Single latex produces high pitched bull sounds and young cow/calf mews, chirps, etc. Single .004 latex.


About Bugling Bull Game Calls New Tone Slotted Technology:

TST (Tone Slotted Technology) – The Slotted Chambered Tone Top elk diaphragm call is designed to be placed further forward in your mouth behind your upper front teeth; this helps prevent gagging and gives you easier control of the latex. To operate the call, place the Slotted Chambered Tone Top upwards to the roof of your mouth, latex down and open end of the diaphragm towards the front of your mouth.

These calls were designed by Rockie Jacobsen. It features a unique lower profile Slotted Chambered Tone Top that is correctly designed to create more nasal cow sounds and higher pitched bull sounds with ease and realism. It sits up in the roof of your mouth with more comfort and quick positioning to obtain all the elk sounds.

Rock Star: Single .004 latex. Made with medium frame for average-sized palate areas. Medium to large bull and cow sounds. Creates more nasal cow sounds and high pitch screaming bugles.

This call was designed by Rockie Jacobsen. It features a unique lower profile Slotted Chambered Tone Top that is correctly designed to create more nasal cow sounds and higher pitched bull sounds with ease and realism. It sits up in the roof of your mouth with more comfort and quick positioning to obtain all the elk sounds.


All American: Double .004 latex. Made with medium frame for average-sized palate areas. Creates older, more nasal cow sounds and older bull sounds. Great for high screaming challenge bugles.

Limited inventory! Get one before they're gone!


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