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Quick Elk Hunting Tips 02-02-2015
February 02, 2015

Discounts on ASAT and
HECS Stealthscreen

10% Rebate for ASAT Camo:

In case you missed our Facebook notice, ASAT increased their prices for the first time in many years. ASAT gear has been very popular and many of you have ordered from us several times through the years. In order to soften the blow of the price increase for the popular and effective ASAT gear, we are prepared to offer you a 10% rebate off the prices we've listed at ElkHuntingTips.Net.

Our prices for ASAT camo are already discounted below MSRP, but send us a note with your order with the word "REBATE" and we will rebate an additional 10% of your paid ASAT order. You will see the rebate as a partial refund through PayPal.

Simply put a note on the order at checkout where it says, "Add special instructions to the seller", OR click on Contact Us, OR Message us on our Facebook page. Tell us "REBATE" and your name. We'll take care of it!

HECS Stealthscreen Discount: After the 1st of January HECS, LLC also raised the price of the HECS Stealthscreen suit, but we have a few left that were stocked at the previous price.

We still have them listed on ElkHuntingTips.Net at $129.99, with free shipping. Once we run out of that inventory, the price will go up to $149.99 a $30 savings off the cost at the HECS, LLC website. Free shipping will continue.

I found these lightweight suits to be amazingly effective up close with elk last fall, reversing my skepticism! If you had planned to get one, this would be a good time, before the price increase.

You can read about them at

As always, feel free to send us a message.

Other Products Available at Low Pricing
and Free Shipping

Your support of ElkHuntingTips.Net through purchases of products from the site, or by visiting our advertisers is appreciated! We'll soon be adding a full line of quality products when we open our brick and mortar store in Montana!

ASAT Camouflage

HECS Stealthsuit

Montana Decoys

Bugling Bull Game Calls

ElkNut's Calling Productions

String Sling Bow Sling

Safari Rifle Sling

Skull Hooker Mounting Bracket

Clip-Shot Camera Mount

Free Customized Hunting Maps
My favorite elk hunting area. Somewhere near Garrison, MT

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