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Quick Elk Hunting Tips 08-14-14
August 15, 2014

HECS Steathscreen

All living organisms put out an electromagnetic field (EMF) when their muscles are moving, even breathing and a heart beat. Animals apparently have the ability to see those electrical impulses visually. It appears from research that they might be able to see them in great detail

HECS Stealthscreen, made for hunters, effectively stops the body’s electrical energy field from escaping the garment. Doing so eliminates one mechanism that animals use to sense our presence.

I'm going to be using one this fall. We have decided to make them available for sale because there is solid science behind it. We don't sell anything unless we are convinced it would serve someone's needs effectively. Check it out

by clicking here. These suits are made of good wicking material, along with the supple "Faraday Cage" type conductive mesh. They are 86% polyester and 14% carbon yarn. So, they can be used effectively as an underlayer for a reasonable cost of $129.99. We'll pay the shipping, if you want to hide in plain sight.

It comes in Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo pattern. You'll still need a good camo pattern on the outside. We prefer ASAT.

Self-videoing Your Hunt with a Go Pro?

I've taken self-video of two bull elk kills with a GoPro. The one with the camera mounted on my bow didn't work well because the bow drops forward after the shot with good follow-through. This gives you a great video of the ground!

The one last year that was mounted on my forehead was blocked by the bow limbs. You couldn't see the elk well until after the shot.

This summer I experimented with a boom mounted to my bakcpack, but it wobbled back and forth a lot! It also is facing the wrong way (forward), unless you spin it with your hand before you shoot.

The way I will use it this year is mounted on the side of the head. You can see a short video taken of the shot and while walking around a bit to see the results on the ElkHuntingTips Facebook page here.

Huntin' Fool 60 Day Free Trial

You might find it advantageous to sign up for the 60 day free trial membership with Huntin' Fool. You can get a lot of questions answered about where and how to hunt in big game country. Even the free trial will give you access to some incredible data about big game hunting the west and some eastern states and Canada.

If you do decide to pay the $100 basic or $200 premium annual fee, Huntin' Fool has agreed to provide a 20% ($20 or $40) rebate toward anything sold on ElkHuntingTips.Net! You have to use This link. Or, the link on our page that discusses Huntin' Fool more thoroughly.

Bugling Bull Game Calls and ElkNut Products

Don't forget about the special package deal(s) we put together with ElkNut Products and Bugling Bull Game Calls (Rockie Jacobsen). These are the best calls on the market and ElkNut is the "Rosetta Stone of the elk language"! Read about these products on this page.

Hunting Show in Helena, MT

We'll have a table at the Helena Sportsmen's Warehouse hunting event all day Saturday, the 30th of August. The ASAT folks and Bugling Bull Game Calls will be there. There is going to be a bugling contest, which I have been asked to help judge. (Bribes excepted with no guarantees.)

The Elk Fever hunting expo in Billings this month was great! What better way than to spend all day talking to lots of different people about elk hunting!

If you'll be in the Helena area the 30th, stop in and let's talk elk hunting!

Products Available at Low Pricing and Free Shipping

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As always, we appreciate your support of ElkHuntingTips.Net when you visit the site and our sponsers, or purchase products that we sell direct to you.

Feel free to contact us. We enjoy hearing from you and personally answer every message.

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