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DIY European Skull Mount
December 13, 2012

DIY Antler Mounting

There is a new page at ElkHuntingTips.Net with step-by-step instructions about how to do a European mount of your trophy. A skull mount is far less expensive to have done than a shoulder mount, but it would still cost you $150-$300, or more, to have a taxidermist do it. It's really not that hard to do yourself.

The Euorpean mount instructions are at this link. A hunting buddy of mine has done some of these and got the instructions from a taxidermist. Check it out and leave comments at the bottom of the page. Have you done this before? Do you have any input about making a plaque for it? Please share in the comments section.

2012 Hunting Results?

There are quite a few stories about elk hunting from this year's season. I have linked to most of them at this page on the site. Please share your stories, successful or just exciting (or frustrating!), or ask questions and share other information at the Elk Hunting Forum.

ASAT Camo Shortage

It's that time of year, when the ASAT camo supplies start to dwindle. There are many sizes left in all varieties of ASAT products, but some of the more popular sizes are out of stock in some ASAT clothing.

The ASAT folks tell me that the sizes of Vanish Pro 3D Suits that are out of stock will be available in a few days, but probably not in time for Christmas delivery. Most sizes are still available, but could dwindle quickly.

Since I don't stock ASAT camo myself, I am dependent on "drop-ship" from what is in stock at the ASAT warehouse down the highway from us.

The prices on our site are generally 15% off, with free shipping. ($75 and over.) Since I don't have the cost of purchasing, handling and storing the product, I can afford to cut the price for you.

We appreciate any purchases and shopping you do from ElkHuntingTips.Net, since that is the only way we get paid for the work on and cost of running the site. "

Products We Sell Directly

There are some products that we use and feel strongly about. Several of those I have arranged to sell on the site. All with free shipping, of course. (No minimum purchase for these.)

Safari Rifle Sling

StringSling Bow Sling

ElkNut's Sounds by the Elk and Playbook

XBow Buddy Crossbow Sling

WildEats Spices and Rub Blends

Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for supporting ElkHuntingTips.Net!

As always, feel free to Contact Us Directly. We enjoy hearing from you and personally answer every message.
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