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BackCountry Adventure Hunt
August 19, 2013

Updates to the Website

The backpack hunting page has been updated. Casey, the contributor of the backcountry hunting pages, finally prevailed on me to make the changes he wanted to share with you. (It's a busy time of the year managing everything related to the site!)

Casey is very particular (maybe a little OCD) about what he carries around with him while hunting with his camp on his back. He improves his backpack list every year and takes careful notes. He likes to share his experience to make it easier, more comfortable, safer and more effective for you. Check out the updated page here.

BackCountry Adventure Hunt Video is a Go!

After the season last year I was contacted by Australian adventure video producer, Rob Fickling. He wanted to find someone to go with to video a backcountry elk hunt in the U.S.A. for his Aussie TV series. Of course, I immediately thought of Casey. (Casey's hunting buddies are beginning to think he's too crazy to go with, since he kills elk so far from base camp.)

Casey managed to talk his wife into letting him go back into God's country (where only God has the guts to go), so Rob can get his adventure elk hunt filmed.

It's been nice being friends with Casey. He will most likely hate me after he spends a week being followed around in his favorite pristine hunting areas of Idaho, while being followed by the producer and his camera man and all their equipment! These guys are only about 20 or 25 years younger than Casey. I hope he goes easy on them.

Since we don't get Aussie TV stations, hopefully we'll get some clips of that hunt, along with some story-line from Casey to share with you on the site.

Here is a short clip from the type of hunting they like to video:

Product Availability Updates

This is the time of year that the ASAT warehouse, just down the road from where we live, runs low on some inventory. Since they drop ship for our site visitors, when they run out, we run out. Certain popular sizes of popular products run out sooner than others. The large Vanish Pro 3D suits became out of stock for a while last summer. They are still available at this point.

Some of the FirstLite ASAT products run low for some sizes, as well. I try to keep up with the out of stock items, removing those sizes from the "Buy" options until they are restocked.

We work well with ASAT to make size exchanges when people order a size that doesn't quite work for them. That slows down the process of getting what you need by the time you need it, though. So, don't wait until the last minute! We'll do our best to get it to you quickly, regardless.

Other Product Availability

With the addition of the Montana Decoy products and the Bugling Bull Game Call products, it was a challenge to estimate how many units of all those variations to have on hand. We pack and ship those ourselves from our newly built upstairs office at our home near Garrison, Montana.

Well, we grossly underestimated the need for the number of decoys and some of the calls, especially the "Select-A-Bull" bugles and "Who's Yrr Daddy cow call. Our apologies to those who had to wait. It is our policy to ship the same or next day, whenever possible.

We also didn't have enough Miss September and Cow Elk 1 decoys on hand. The folks at Montana Decoy are good about quickly sending some out to us, so we can help you save money with free shipping.

We now have the new Eichler Elk in stock, produced by Montana Decoy in cooperation with Fred Eichler, renowned super slam archery big game hunter and host of Outdoor Channel's Easton Bowhunting TV. The "Eichler" decoy has a new hanging system designed for those of us who like to "run and bow" with a decoy, but don't always have time to get stakes in the ground.

We are stocked up with String Slings (bow), X-Bow Buddy (Ccossbow sling) and Safari Rifle Slings, as well as ElkNut's Playbook and Sounds by the Elk CDs.
As always, we appreciate your support of ElkHuntingTips.Net when you visit the site and our sponsers or purchase products that we sell direct to you.

Feel free to contact us. We enjoy hearing from you and personally answer every message.

Garrison, Montana Area

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