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Elk Calling Set Up
September 11, 2017

Elk Calling Set Up
Think "Weak Side"

Here is a Quick Tip that I have learned from my mistakes too many times. Usually an elk will come in where you least expect it. It takes some forethought to set up with your "weak side" in mind.

If you think carefully about it, you will find yourself facing a completely different direction than you would otherwise. Furthermore, it just might mean you get a shot you couldn't have taken otherwise.

There are three videos at the new Elk Calling Set Up page that help explain why and how you should set up with your "weak side" in mind. Don't get stuck standing or kneeling there unable to aim your bow at an elk in range!

Set up with your "weak side" in mind!

Calling Elk During the Rut

The Peak of the rut is always right around the fall equinox, about September 21st. It won't matter what else is going on: full moon, cold weather, hot weather, hunting pressure; the rut still happens!

It might not be as noisy, but when a cow goes in estrus, the bulls go crazy. A cow goes into estrus about three months after she gives birth to her last calf. Nothing will change that.

Be there, if you can. That said, calling bulls to what they think is a potential cow mate can work from early September into November. Here are some other pages about calling elk:

Calling Elk Up Close

Elk Calling and Sounds

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