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Personal Hunting Stories Using ASAT Camo
March 05, 2012

Elk Hunting Success in 2011?

How did you do? I am late getting this page up! I just forgot until now. That's OK. We need something to read between now and the beginning of the 2012 hunting seasons.

Remember, any "close encounters of the herd kind" should be considered success. Go to the 2011 Elk Hunting Success page to submit your story, and/or to read others'. We need to get our elk hunting fix during the off season, so help us out by submitting 2011 stories.

Recipe for Spice-crusted Elk Roast

I like to grill elk outdoors, so I spent a lot of time researching how to make a really good prime rib roast out on the grill. The recipe works well for any roast-worthy cut of any kind of red meat.

It can also be done in the oven. I recently had to abandon a grilling attempt in the middle of a blizzard and moved the whole process indoors to the oven.

Follow the procedures carefully for excellent results. You will find the Spiced-crusted Elk Roast recipe here. Do you have a good Au-jus recipe? Please share it at the bottom of the recipe page above, or at the elk recipes submission page.

ASAT Camo Stories and Sale

ASAT camo hunting stories would be appreciated, if you have any. I posted some of mine at link above and you can submit comments there, too.

Thanks to those of you who have purchased your ASAT camo from ElkHuntingTips.Net at the ASAT products pages. Your purchase is certainly appreciated. Prices are as low as I can afford to make them and very competitive with other online sources. Shipping is free in the continental U.S. (ElkHuntingTips.Net will cover the cost of that.)

If you are in another country, let us know what you need by using the Contact Us link on any product page and we will email you the cost of shipping. Just let us know what you want and where you are located.

We just sent some to Australia this week. It seems even wallabies are confused by the ASAT camo pattern!

See ASAT products here.

Other exceptional products that we use and feel strongly about will soon be available for purchase directly from the site. Particularly the String Sling (bow) and Safari Rifle Sling discussed on the Hunting Gear page.

As always, feel free to Contact Us Directly.

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