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Quick Elk Hunting Tips 04-16-16
April 18, 2016

Backpacking Food You Take, Or,
Don’t Take, Can Break You!

Casey has written a third page in the BackCountry Hunting series. The new page is Backpacking Food Ideas. Plan to enjoy your backpacking food and to take in the fuel needed for the trek. If you manage the water properly, it will decrease the weight you carry tremendously. Using a filter or iodine in areas where water is available is paramount. Better yet, if there is fish in the water, some delicious extra protein is waiting for you! Check out the new Backpacking Food Ideas page, as well as the Backpack Gear List discussion.

Get Fit and Practice Calling Elk Now!

Can you call one of these in close enough for an ethical shot? Can you get it out to your vehicle, if you do? Are you even fit enough to get into the BackCountry and out again?

Some Hunting Fitness Exercises: Preparing Your Body for the Demands of Elk Hunting

In addition to those exercises, here are some more you can add to strengthen your legs and body for the demands of endurance and weight bearing in the mountains:
-Push-ups: Regular, military style, wide-stance and “diamond” (thumbs and forefingers touching beneath your sternum)
-Slow uphill running BACKWARDS.
-Heel waking downhill (don’t let your forefoot touch the ground)
-Uphill skipping for height and then for speed
-Uphill hopping on one leg (when you feel the burn, switch legs)

Calling Practice:“The Rossetta Stone of Elk Language”

What are the elk saying and what should you say or not say back? What’s your next move based on what you’re hearing? Learn to assess the mood of the herd and, especially the herd bull. Check out the pages on elk calling. Elk sounds have many nuances that mean things to the herd. We’ll help you decipher the code!

Lightly Used Swarovski EL 10 X 42
Binoculars For Sale $1700

A friend of mine used these binoculars two seasons and then decided to buy the same ones with a range finder built in. They are in great shape. Everything is here, including the box and owner’s manual.

It's the same as the one at Cabela’s for $2,599 shown on this link with the addition of a camera adaptor: Cabela's. Actual photos included on the page. If you want these binoculars click on this link to purchase them from our online store, Elk Tips Outdoor Gear.

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My favorite elk hunting area. Somewhere near Garrison, MT

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