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October 11, 2009 Update
October 11, 2009

Game Meat Processing: Do it Right, Donít Lose it!

There is a new page about safe meat game processing. It is a true story about Bill's elk hunt near Helena, MT. You might call it "The Spoils of the Hunt". See Safe Game Meat Processing: Bill's True Story.

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Late Elk Rut Period

The exciting elk rut activity, where we hunt, began to peak about the 25th of September or so. On the 26th I called a 5X6 bull in and arrowed him. After recovering from a cold my kids shared with me, we went out again to find our elk habitat areas silent of elk noises. We called in a satellite bull that walked in quiet as a mouse, but saw us first.

This unseasonably cold temperatures and wind has got us in "waiting for rifle season" mode before continuing our family elk hunts. Rifle season for elk is right around the corner.

Bulls could still be called in during the late rut period, but the cold, windy weather sucks here in Montana.

Be safe and successful on your hunting outings!

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Please drop us a note about topics you would like to see, or improvement ideas you want to suggest. We'll keep adding relevant topics to Elk Hunting Tips.Net.

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