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September 27, 2009 Update
September 27, 2009

Elk Recordings: Listen to Elk Talk
to Recognize and Replicate It

We now have a total of four pages about elk sounds to complete the section. The most recent addition is a page of nothing but elk recordings.

Elk recordings are the next best thing to hearing them in real life. Most of us donít live where we can listen to elk year round. Now you can. Many elk hunters only get to listen to elk on a rare annual hunt, if they are lucky and skillful enough to get close.

On this page you now have access to actual recordings of live elk in the wild.

In summary, there are now a total of four recently added pages about "elk talk":

A general introduction to elk calling here, with audio of real elk.

A review of Types of elk hunting calls on the market here .

A How To page for using the calls, with audio of wild elk and replication on hunting calls.

A page of actual elk recordings to listen to.

The Peak of the Rut is On!

Today marks the third full day that we have seen peak action in the rut in our area of Montana. It seems to me like the aspens just barely started to turn yellow the day the peak rut action took off. If you're archery hunting, now's the time to be out there making cow sounds and stalking bugling bulls. Watch for the satellite bulls to sneak in unannounced or from a different direction from the bulls you hear going nuts.

My personal elk season ended yesterday with a nice (but stinky and dirty) satellite bull that went only 20 yards after the single lung shot (quartering away). It was a hot day, but fast action kept the meat safe and got it wrapped and in the freezer today. Since the weather is warm, you might want to see the "Elk Down" pages for recovering the meat safely. That section starts here.

I do hope your elk season is enjoyable and successful, whatever that means to you.

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