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March 9, 2009 Update
March 09, 2009

Quick Elk Hunting List:

Getting Started, Moving Forward

It's time to start planning for this fall's elk hunts! So, we put a quick planning list on the site. I'll share the list with you here:

1. Decide on do-it-yourself hunting or if you want to use an elk hunting guide. Consider both options by clicking here.

2. Do some intense detective work to find your own good places to hunt elk. Click here for a thorough discussion about who to ask and where to look.

3. Decide if you want to hunt a trophy bull, or if you are willing to shoot a cow elk. Any elk is a trophy!

4. Decide if you want to hunt with a bow or rifle. Click here to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

5. Get the most useful, economic hunting gear for your elk hunt. Read about realistic recommendations for affordable hunting gear here.

Time for Action

hunting fitness6. Make sure youíre fit for hunting season. Click here for a hunting specific fitness plan.

7. Scout your hunting area effectively and know how to interpret elk sign. Learn how to pattern the elk in your elk habitat and how to interpret elk sign.

8. Sight in your rifle correctly, so you can depend on it. Follow these easy steps to consistent accurate shooting.

9. Fool the elkís nose practicing good scent control hunting. The common sense and technology of scent control hunting.

Elk Down! Now What?

Big Bull Elk on Game Cart 10. Be prepared to blood trail an elk that you shoot. Blood trailing an elk requires preparation and determination.

11. Make sure youíre prepared to field dress an elk. Itís a nasty job. Here is a step by step description of how to do it as cleanly as feasible.

12. Be prepared for packing meat! Big game retrieval requires a comprehensive plan. Read here about some options.

13. Learn how to take some quality pictures, with a simple digital camera, to share and relive your hunt. Here are some basic pointers the experts recommend.

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