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December 09, 2010

Cooling Big Game Meat: Preserving the Quality

We have a new page up about handling big game meat in the field. Several people were asking questions about this topic, so we decided to do a through page on the subject. Click here to go directly to the new page.

Handling game meat properly once itís down can make all the difference in the world in the quality. If you kill one on a hot day, like I did on Labor Day of this year, you need to have a plan to cool your meat down and keep it cool and clean.

This new page provides practical tips for handling game meat until you can get it in the freezer. Big game meat, particularly a large elk or moose, cools down slowly because of the sheer mass of meat.

You don't have to "wait for cool weather" to hunt them. You can avoid any loss of meat and quality of flavor, even in warm weather.

Should it be transported with hide on, or hide off? Is it better to leave it on the bone? What about aging the meat?

Very cold temperatures can create a problem of its own. Avoid letting it freeze with the hide on! That makes it very hard to work with.

Any Success?

Go to the Elk Hunting Success page to let others hear how your hunt went! Even if you didn't kill an elk, we would all like to hear about it at the forum. Share your experiences and photos!

Photo Contest- Vote for Mine, Get Entered for a Prize Yourself!

I entered a photo of my bull elk this year in a local contest. Voters determine the winner and the voters are entered into a chance to win something, too. There are some great photos entered, but vote for mine and we might both win some hunting equipment. Go to the local hunting photo contest here to vote for mine before December 18th, please. Scroll down and look for David Rowell, Garrison, MT. Thanks!

Merry Christmas to you all! It's less than nine months until archery season starts for elk!

If you need to shop for elk hunting gear for Christmas, check out this page for ideas.

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