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Elk Calling Preparation
November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from "Elk Tips"!

We hope you and your family are enjoying a bountiful celebration! We have so much to be thankful for! In our home we decided to pardon the turkey and had elk steaks instead. We were blessed with two elk in the freezer this fall, so it seemed appropriate. Here's a recipe that can be used with elk, venison, and of course beef steaks: Elk Steaks.

You can find many more elk and wild game recipes from there.

Learn Elk Vocalization This Winter

Now is the time to start learning elk vocalization. The best resource is Paul Medel's, ElkNut Outdoor Productions. These reseources will help you prepare for next fall's elk hunting season. You can learn what they are saying by listening to real audio of several different elk saying the same things in each described sound.

Paul will explain how to sort out the different nuances of elk sounds, so you can know what they are saying and doing. You can learn what to say in return, or what to do without saying anything, depending on what you hear and see.

Since learning from ElkNut's elk vocalization resources, I have been able to have many more "close encounters with the herd kind". We have some good money saving combination packages available. Or, make a list and send it to us by replying to this email and we will give you a discounted price. Shipping is free (in the U.S.).

Give (or receive) these thorough resources for Christmas and fill your home with the sounds of elk calls this winter!

We also now have ElkNut's new Chuckler EL and XLT available on that same page. These are the best bugles I have ever used. Here is the Elk Nut page. Feel free to call or text my cell number for more information: 1-406-431-0876.

HECS Stealthscreen

HECS Stealthscreen will give those on your Christmas list one more effective edge next fall. The HECS suit will block the hunter's electromagnetic field that is preceived by elk, deer, pigs and other animals.

What happens is the animals will catch the hunter's slight movements and check them. With a HECS suit on, they will not be able to confirm that the movement was made by a living being. The electromagnetic signature will be blocked by the suit. Read more about the science behind the HECS stealthscreen by clicking on the link above. As always, we'll ship it free in the U.S.

Happy Holidays!

As always, feel free to Contact Us here. Or call, 406-431-0876. We'd love to talk to you.

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The springtime view of the mountains near our home in Garrison, MT

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