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May 29, 2009 Update
May 29, 2009

Gun Practice:
Don't be a Bench Warmer

There is a new page about rifle practice at Gun practice and sighting in a rifle are not effectively accomplished at the same time. Do some hunting-situation practice away from the bench rest.

Practice with natural rests, shooting sticks, your knees, or whatever you might use in the field. Click here to go directly to the rifle practice discussion.

We also have a page about sighting in a rifle that you might want to take a look at this time of year. And don't forget that we have free printable targets available here.

Preparation for Hunting Season

It's already time to be planning for the upcoming big game season. Don't leave sighting in and practice out of your plans!

Use this time to hone your vital "final step" skills and help the kids you will take hunting to develop those skills.

Some other good pages to review or check out this time of year are:

Hunting Fitness Preparations

Hunting Gear Discussion

Finding Elk

We hope your elk hunting plans are thorough, so your hunts will be enjoyable and successful this fall!

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