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Out-of-the-ordinary Elk Meatloaf Recipe
October 13, 2011

Elk Meatloaf With a Bacon Wrap

We experimented with ground elk and came up with a meatloaf that is "wrapped" with bacon and spiced with a marinara sauce. It turned out great! If you want to use some ground wild game meat for a meatloaf, give this one a try. Make your own variation of it.

We used 1/2 sausage and 1/2 ground elk. The layer of bacon on the outside and the marinara sauce inside is what makes it so much more flavorful. (OK, this one's high in fat, but it's still made with lean wild game meat.)

Archery Season Making Way for Rifle

Keep us posted about how your elk hunts are progressing. Report your elk hunting progress, or "close encounters of the herd kind" in 2011 by clicking here.

Let us know how archery season went for you and keep us posted about your rifle season experiences, or see what others are reporting. Give a report of your own, or comment on others' submissions. Keep us updated!

Don't Forget Free Hunting Maps

Don't forget about the free hunting maps link here. This map source is a great resource for hunters that is very much underutilized.

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