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StringSling: the Best Bow Sling Available
April 20, 2012

The StringSling® is My Favorite Bow Sling

I've tried several bow slings, but none of them perform for my style of hunting like the StringSling®.

The StringSling® hangs your bow at your side, with the grip level with your bow hand. With a slight wrist movement the bow is ready for action. This bow sling quickly transforms to a very secure back sling that will keep your bow out of the way when you're not hunting. I ride a mountain bike in and out and use a StringSling® in the secured function while I'm peddling.

The manufacturer of the StringSling®, Jerry Huddleston, has agreed to make this product available to ElkHuntingTips.Net visitors at a reduced price on this page. There is a video of how the sling works, as well.

We're thankful that StringSling® has joined ASAT Como products at a reduced price to our visitors. Some spring turkey hunters have been buying ASAT on ElkHuntingTips.Net recently. I'm hoping to join them in the pursuit of those longbeards myself in a couple of weeks!

We might have to raise ASAT Camo prices a little, but I don't have time to make the changes right now! Feel free to take advantage of that before I find the time.

Your purchases of products on our site are certainly appreciated. We make great effort to try to make prices available to you as low as feasible. Right now shipping is free for purchases of $75 and over in the continental U.S. (ElkHuntingTips.Net will cover the cost of that.)

If you are in another country, let us know what you need by using the Contact Us link on any product page and we will email you the cost of shipping. Just let us know what you want and where you are located.

Update on Making Homemade Sausage

We just ground 12 pounds of elk meat last weekend and made some sausage out of it. After experimenting with several sausage seasonings we've come to prefer A.C. Legg blends. In case you're interested, you can read the make-your-own-sausage page and find a link to A.C. Legg spice blends here.

It's time to start getting fit for fall hunting season. Here are some suggested routines.

As always, feel free to Contact Us Directly.

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