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Quick Elk Hunting Tips 02-16-2017
February 18, 2017

Elk Hunting Stories
Is Back!

I just uploaded an invitation to share elk hunting stories from 2016. My own successful story is there, as well as the "failures" (temporary setbacks!) that lead up to it.

This has always been a popular section in past years, but with the opening of Elk Tips Oiutdoor Gear in Deer Lodge, Montana, I haven't done it the past two seasons. It's back!

So, get your pictures and your words together and head on over to 2016 Elk Hunting Stories !

When I write about real elk hunting stories, I tend to learn from thinking the scenarios through again as I write them. It's helpful to see how others were successful, or not, as well.

Last season, it seemed like the elk were being quieter than usual during the rut. Don't assume the elk aren't there, just adapt! My own story started out quite frustrating, but I adapted, hunted aggessively and put it together in the end.

Pictures would be welcome. We can also set up a page for short videos, if you want to share some. The best thing to do is put the video on YouTube and I can grab it and put it on ElkHuntingTips.Net.

Read mine and submit yours at the link above!

As always, fee free to Contact Us here. Or call, 406-431-0876. We'd love to talk to you.

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The springtime view near our home in Garrison, MT

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