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Wild Game Recipes Prize Drawing
April 18, 2011

Prize Drawing Closing Soon

This is just a reminder that the prize drawing is on its last week! Get your name in the hat for one of the prizes listed below, including a meat grinder. All you have to do to enter is to submit one or more recipes that can be used for wild game of any kind. Each submission will give you one chance, so submit as many as you want through Easter Sunday to enter the prize drawing for the following:

• Maverick Meat & Food Grinder Model MM 5501 from Pleasant Hill Grain

• Walnut & Hollow Deluxe Antler display Kit

• Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way Scent Elimination Kit

• Carlton’s Calls “Primetime Bulls 7” DVDs (2 to give away)

• Rocky Mountain Elk foundation blaze orange cap with a leather embossed bill

• RMEF reversible camo/orange knit cap

• Kaki colored bill cap with Elk Hunting Tips logo

• Book: The Light in High Places, by naturalist Joe Hutto

The drawing will be held next week. See details here.

Hunter Fitness Preparation

Are you training for hunting season? The sooner you start, the easier hunting season will be on you and the more you will be able to enjoy hunting in elk country.

Link to Hunting Fitness page.

Do plenty of walking and hiking, of course. Preferably in similar terrain as you will be hunting in and with a hunting pack on. Add some strength to help prepare you for hauling game and gear. Consider P90X Extreme Home Fitness, if you want to get serious about strength training. I'm just a little sore right now, proof that it's doing me some good! I added that this year to my marathon training regimen. (My Memorial Day marathon is coming up soon!)

I'm looking forward to abusing my body this fall on elk country slopes and hauling home some nutritious and delicious elk meat, so I can try some of the submitted recipes!

As always, feel free to write to us by clicking here.

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