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Tuning a Bow
May 13, 2010

Tuning a Bow:
The Key to Consistent Shooting

Tuning a bow requires following some careful steps, but it isnít that difficult. If you want to do-it-your-self, or if you are re-tuning a bow that you have had for awhile, we have a new page that you can see by clicking here.

When your bow is properly tuned it should perform for you consistently. Then all you will need is practice, practice, practice in conditions that simulate hunting situations to be confident of a responsibly taken shot on an animal.

It's time to start practicing, so make sure you're bow is tuned up first!

Time to Get Fit for the Hunt

Start getting fit now for hunting season. The Hunting Fitness page is here.

Rifle Hunting?

If you want to review how to properly sight in a rifle and rifle practice click here.

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