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Updated and Improved Rifle Practice Page
May 19, 2011

New Photos Uploaded to the Gun Practice Page

Just a quick note to let you know that we uploaded some photos of shooting positions to the rifle practice page.

As you may have noticed, we improved the page by adding descriptions of how to stabilize the best rifle shooting positions. These required some photos, so we got some taken and put them up today.

Thanks to all of those who helped put this needed information together. Sometimes we tend to trust a high powered rifle to do its job, while forgetting it is totally dependent on our shooting skills!

New Product: Airlite Chestpod

Also, I got my hands on another innovative piece of hunting gear that I am excited to put to use this fall. Some former Montana "almost neighbors" of mine who now live in Mississippi invented and manufacture a device they call the Airlight Chestpod. It enables you to hold up a pair of binoculars, small spotting scope, video or still camera up for long periods without arm strain.

I thought some of you might be interested in that. You can see it on the hunting gear page.

We got our elk and special drawing applications in yesterday. I hope yours turn out well for your hunts this fall!

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