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Updated and Improved Rifle Practice Page
May 09, 2011

Gun Practice: Don't be a Bench Warmer

This page has been up for a while, but needed some significant improvement. We have detailed instructions on shooting from prone, seated, kneeling, standing and with shooting sticks. Guidelines from several of the most effective shooting schools have been added to the page.

I hope you will find it all helpful as you begin to prepare for this fall's hunting season. You can see the updated page by clicking here.

Recipe Prize Drawings Complete

Thanks to all of you who entered your Wild Game Recipes in the prize drawing. All prizes have been awarded and delivered or shipped to the winners.

Please feel free to share any wild game recipes you might have, or just take advantage of the elk, venison and other wild game recipes available here. I just posted one myself for a new marinade we tried with elk steaks on Mother's Day. See it here: Elk Steak Marinade.

Personally, my family needs a good fried fish batter recipe to use for pike this summer. If you have one, you can send it to me here, and I'll post it for you, or post your recipes yourself by clicking here.

Thanks for staying in touch. I have to go fill out my elk draw applications now!

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