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August 21, 2011

Want to Make Your Own Sausage?

If you ever wanted to make your own sausage, but thought it was too much trouble, or the learning curve was too daunting, take a look at this new page . As you know, Elk Hunting Tips.Net gives you "practical tips" that you can use right away. This page on making sausage at home is no different.

If you have made sausage before, you can just skim the page for anything that might help, or read it word for word if you're just getting into the "grind". If you make fancier sausages and have some sausage making skills, share some advanced knowledge on the comment section.

New Feature on Most Pages

You will notice a new feature at Elk Hunting Tips. There is an easy and quick place to add your comments, insight or questions to each page. We are genuinely interested in your input, so use the comments section at the bottom of most pages.

Archery Opener

In our area (Montana) the archery opener is September 3rd. I have the opportunity to shoot a cow and a bull elk this year, so the knives are all sharpened and we've been making sausage out of the last of the elk meat from last fall's harvest to create a vacuum in the freezer space.

I hope your plans are coming together for a great big game hunting season. Be careful of the bears. I have a meeting scheduled this week with the general manager of UDAP Bear Spray, because I plan on writing a "bear safety" page soon.

Keep Us Posted

I will soon put up a "Success 2011" area in the Forums , like there is for 2010 successful hunts . Some are still reporting their successful hunts from last year. Feel free to describe your hunts, even if the success was just a "close encounter of the herd kind".

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks to those of you who participate with the advertisers on Elk Hunting Tips.Net. They know when you come to their sites from our site and they send some financial support our way to help with the effort of adding more to the site when you do.

Living the elk country dream,

David Rowell Purveyor of Elk Hunting Tips.Net

P.S. If you're still getting hunting maps together, check out the free maps available at the Hunting Maps page.

Feel free to Contact Us Directly.

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