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Grinding Venison Yourself
February 05, 2010

Grind Your Own Elk and Deer Burger

We have a new page on grinding your own venison at Elk-Hunting-Tips.Net. Click here to see the full article. If you've ever thought about grinding your own elk or deer meat, this is a good time of year to start.

Fresh Ground is Better

Grinding your own meat will assure it will be fresh ground and very moist. You will never want to buy ground beef again, or have your venison burger ground all at once every fall. You’ll be hooked on grinding venison yourself!

Grinding your own elk and deer meat allows you to do so close to the time the elk or venison burger is needed. This will allow for the freshest flavor and highest quality meal results. If you have all of your ground venison packaged for you at the time your wild game is processed, you will sacrifice some quality, freshness and shelf life.

Inexpensive Grinders

Doing it yourself is easy and inexpensive. A hand grinder is very inexpensive and an electric grinder for about $100 will do the job just fine for family meal needs.

While you're at it, buy a cheap plastic patty press to make the job even easier. See pictures and full discussion by clicking here.

Elk Recipes

Quite a few delicious looking recipes using elk meat have been submitted recently to our recipes page. Check those out at Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all the submissions. Then submit your own! It doesn't matter if someone else has already submitted one like your favorite recipe. Let us know how you throw ingredients together for your favorite elk meals.

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