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Bear Safety
November 01, 2011

Serious New Topic for Hunters

I just wanted to quickly let you know about a new page we just released about a serious topic. Frankly, when I did the research and expert interview about this topic, it scared me. I hope it will you, too, so you can be motivated to be prepared for a bear encounter. You can read the bear safety page here. This new page is a follow-up to the Bear Spray vs. Gun page that I announced last month. Please read them both! Be safe.

Please continue to report your elk hunting progress, or "close encounters of the herd kind" in 2011 by clicking here.

Expert Elk Calling Interview Is Confirmed!

The online interview of a well known elk calling expert has been confirmed! I'll keep the details a mystery for now, until I have time to put a date on it! I'm sure you'll welcome the information for next year's elk season. It will give you something to do between now and then!

We are always humbled by the positive feedback about the site.

My family would appreciate it if you would consider starting any online Christmas shopping you do on our pages, using affiliate links like Amazon or Cabelas within the content, or the affiliate ad boxes.

Purchases don't have to be hunting gear to get us a referral fee, as long as you start with the links on the site. The good thing is that it won't cost you a cent more. You might even see a cost-saving sale link.

I enjoy researching and writing the pages, but it helps to get paid a little here and there by the sponsors!

We appreciate you! Good hunting.

Living the elk country dream,

David Rowell
Purveyor of Elk Hunting Tips.Net

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