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Be safe in bear country!
September 16, 2011

Bear Spray or gun?

There are strong opinions among hunters about whether to shoot a charging bear with a gun, or use bear pepper spray. There is some research about bear spray and gun use during bear attacks. The numbers for gun use for protection from bears involves a time span of about 120 years, compared to 20 years of research on bear spray use as a deterrent to bear attacks. The results might surprise you!

The Endangered Species Act is flawed and most often gives more weight to species protection than self-defense. Read about how one man protected his family from grizzlies and how the authorities responded.

Go to the new Bear Defense page here.

Blog Your Hunts

Keep us posted with how your elk hunts are progressing. Report your elk hunting progress, or "close encounters of the herd kind" in 2011 by clicking here. Give us reports of how it's going for your season, or see what others are reporting. Give a report of your own, or comment on others' submissions. Keep us updated!

Successful elk hunting starts with close encounters. We want to hear about yours. What have you seen and heard on your elk hunts? If you have Internet access at camp, fill us in at the end of the day or at lunch.

New Type of Bow Sling

I just wanted to let you know about a new bow sling I started using this year. It switches from a ready-to-shoot position next to your bow hand, to secure back carry in seconds. I ride a mountain bike with my bow on my back. This has been such a hassle until Jerry Huddleston, the inventor of the String Sling, convinced me to try it. I'm glad I did! Read about the String Sling here.

And don't forget about the free hunting maps source here, if you're still getting maps together.

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks to those of you who participate with the advertisers on Elk Hunting Tips.Net. They know when you come to their sites from our site and they send some financial support our way to help with the effort of adding more to the site when you do.

Living the elk country dream,

David Rowell
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