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Merry Christmas Big Game Hunters!
December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

That's right! No politically correct "Happy Holidays" from us! I just had the urge to wish all of you guys and hunting ladies a Merry CHRISTmas! I also want to share some personal information and thoughts at the end of 2010.

I feel a bond with you all as I read what you write on the forum pages. I hear from many of you through the Contact Us link and I enjoy those messages.

I know there are thousands of you that frequent the pages of Elk Hunting Tips.Net because I study the traffic stats for the site. During the peak big game hunting month of October there were over 18,000 visitors to the site. You looked at over 69,000 pages (page views) during that month alone.

The average number of monthly visitors for all of 2010 so far has grown dramatically over last year to about 10,000. (This is the 3rd full year since the inception of the site.)

Those kinds of stats "impress" the search engines, which causes them to send even more visitors searching for big game hunting tips to the site.

My simple goal is to continue to add practical elk hunting tips for the realistic hunter to increase the odds of “close encounters of the herd kind”.

The Hunting Forums contribute a great deal to that goal. Your participation on those forums are valuable to all who go there, including me! I read every word.

Tell Your Story/Report Success

Go to the Elk Hunting Success page to let others hear how your hunts went! Even if you didn't kill an elk, we would all like to hear about it. Any close encounter is elk hunting success.

A Little About Us

I have always enjoyed reading hunting stories for as long as I can recall back into my youth. I began to develop a passion for hunting when I got a BB gun for Christmas when I was 5 or 6 years old. I shot a hole in my grandparents window trying a stupid trick shot of some kind!

Somewhere along the way I began to love to write. That all led to the development of this site: hunting and writing. I always teased my family that I would eventually figure out how to turn hunting into a career and get paid for it.

Well, I'm still working on the "pay" part, but you have probably figured out by now that there are ads on the pages of the site. This is the first year that some "significant" income has begun to be generated from those ads. Although, I don't dare calculate the average hourly rate for the time spent working on the site! It does help a to pay for some of the expenses of the website and a little of the "research" expenses in the field that I enjoy so much.

Another Family Passion

My wife is a massage therapist, so together we are building and writing another site: Benefits of Massage Therapy. Of course, I very unselfishly spend plenty of time on the table letting her do hands on research on me! If you have any interest in reading about therapeutic massage, check out that site. There's even a page on How To Give a Massage!

Send the link to your spouse, but beware! What goes around comes around! My wife is under the impression that now that I have edited her writing I know enough to give her a massage. Well, I guess I better let you folks go and get ready to spend an hour dong that for her!

It's the least I can do to prepare her for the cooking of our Christmas dinner tomorrow, which will include a good elk roast with some kind of delicious rub! Please share your favorite rub recipe with us here.

Merry Christmas, my friends! Keep the Spirit of Christmas and the spirit of hunting and other uniquely American rights alive in the new year. Pass it all on! I would be honored to partner with you all in preserving our awesome American Heritage.

As always, feel free to use the Contact Us form to share ideas, ask questions or just to stay in touch.

Your Hunting Partner and Fellow Patriot,

David W. Rowell
Garrison, MT

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