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Personal Hunting Stories Using ASAT Camo
December 22, 2011

Camo for Animal Eyes, Not Humans

There is a new page up on Elk-Hunting-Tips.Net about ASAT camo. Since I started wearing ASAT, I expect to get away with more “busted” scenarios. On the new page I wanted to share some elk hunting stories that show why I have become so dedicated to wearing ASAT.

When I get caught right out in the open by elk, I get away with it much more than I used to when I was wearing "leafy" tree type camo. Animals don't see camo the way we do. From my experience the ASAT camo pattern seems to create an illusion, of sorts.

It seems like the longer an animal stares at it, the less they see. The light background with confusing contrasting strokes causes animals to stop seeing what they thought they saw (or not "see" you at all). They often just go back to grazing. Movement will still reveal your outline, however.

I hope you will enjoy reading my ASAT hunting stories.

I asked the ASAT folks (they are right down the Interstate from me) to make their products available on my site. I have arranged for free shipping for any purchases over $50. Check it out at the bottom of the new ASAT page.

Wolf Hunting in Progress

Thankfully, wolves have been de-listed and are now being hunted. The Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife is offering $100 and an annual membership for photographs of wolves killed in any open wolf hunting district between Dec. 19 and the end of the season, or until a quota is filled.

I have posted an article from a wolf lover in the Bitteroot Valley of Montana with my comments in response on

this page of the forum. Please check it out and then link over to the article and make your voice heard.

The Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association is offering a special raffle for a rifle to successful wolf hunters in Hunting Districts 250 and 270.

It's time to speak up and help get some of these large predators under control.

Merry Christmas!

I hope your family and friends enjoy the real Reason for the Season this Christmas weekend. May he bless you and yours greatly in the years to come!

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