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Quick Elk Hunting Tips 04-16-16
May 09, 2016

Elk Hunting Mistakes

There is another new page up at ElkHuntingTips.Net. Here’s the link: Elk Hunting Mistakes . I found it very helpful for myself to write this page. It reminds me not to make some of the mistakes that came to mind. I couldn’t describe all the mistakes I’ve made on the page, it would have been too long!

There are always many errors made by even the best elk hunters. If we can learn from others’ mistakes, we can possibly avoid some ourselves. Unfortunately, most people don’t talk about those much. All that is necessary for us to kill an elk is to not make a game changing mistake one time for each tag we carry!

I made a nearly costly error back in 2005, but still killed the bull. I had my bow poundage cranked up as high as I could stand it in practice. I was shooting well, just struggled a bit when I was tired. Well, I was tired the morning a big bull came in to my early morning cow talk.

He was raking a tree, so I got set up for a shot. He soon started walking closer broadside to me. In the cold morning after a long hike uphill, I was not able to draw my bow. I relaxed, breathed properly and it came right back normally.

Unfortunately, a small limb ended up inside the business area of my drawn bow! I had to move to one side to clear it. Somehow I got away with all that movement and released an arrow.

In the frustration of all that I didn’t stop the bull and released while he was still walking. A grunt will stop a bull on a dime. I hit him high under the spine and way back. Neither lung was touched. No blood trail.

I was able to track him by the trail he made through the wet grass. When I found him, it was obvious he was going to die. It took him six hours to give it up. I had to leave and come back in order not to be tempted to make yet another mistake by messing with a down and wounded elk.

Check out my elk hunting mistakes article and share yours at the bottom of that page!

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