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Why Do You Elk Hunt?
May 27, 2011

Why Do You Elk Hunt, Really?

Is it really just about the meat, or the antlers? I often claim to be a "meat hunter that occasionally kills a nice bull". But there is certainly more to it than that simplistic answer. If you really want to know, it's about the romance of the animal and the environment that they compete with me in.

There is a friendly discussion about this topic going on at the Elk Hunting Tips Forums here. We'd like to hear what you think. You can keep it short, or share an "essay" about your motivation for the hunt. Is it worth it to spend a lot of money on an elk, or other big game hunt? If so, how do you justify the expense of the cost of the meat, assuming you kill something?

One logical person ("eatmorelk") asked pointedly, "Why in hell would anybody pay $3500.00 for an elk? that's over $10.00 a pound for the meat from an average elk. You could stock your freezer with filet mignon for that price."

Here's My Answer

Because it's NOT about eating more elk! Why do people pay tens of thousands of dollars to hunt big and dangerous game in Africa? They don't even get to eat the meat, unless some native cooks it for them onsite. Why do they do that? They could buy thousands of pounds of beef for the freezer with that money.

It's about the hunt, the connection with wild things. It's about reconnecting with a competitive, conquering nature... a deep-rooted desire to be part of something more than the steering wheel of a vehicle, the chair in front of a desk, the TV at home, the couch, the computer.

It's about the sport of being part of a wonderful creation! That said, I wish I could afford to be guided like those who spend a few thousand on guided hunts. Ah well, I guess some wish they could live in Montana, like I do, or Colorado, as I have, to make it "easier" to put together their own DIY elk hunts.

I love driving by my favorite hunting areas here in western MT during the off season and just looking up from the highway into the mountains where in the fall I'll be communing with those majestic animals that just survived a very harsh winter and a cold, snowy spring. They amaze and thrill me! Having beef in the freezer doesn't.

What Do you Think?

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