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February 9, 2009 Update
February 09, 2009

Hunting Pictures: Keep it Simple, but Watch Some Little Details

We have a new page at about taking hunting photos. The task doesn’t come naturally to most of us who are not practiced and studied photographers, including this writer. So, we asked for some basic pointers from the experts. Click here to go directly to the hunting pictures page.

Quality Elk Hunting Pictures Needed

We need a couple of your photos of downed elk and the hunter to use on the new page that exemplify most of the guidelines described. (Our group has not followed these guidelines ourselves in the past!)

Also, if you have some that we could use for "needs improvement", we might be able to use one or two of those.

Please hit "Reply" to this message to let us know you have some for consideration. We'll gratefully get back to you right away with an email address to send them to.

Our goal is to start a section soon to allow you to submit your elk hunting pictures and stories online. Stay tuned! (Those won't have to follow the guidelines.)

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