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Videos of Lo-Boy Game Cart
April 08, 2010

New Videos of Lo-Boy Game Hauler/
Shipping Now Available

Last year several of you had been trying to figure out a way to get one of the Lo-Boy Game Haulers from Boulder, MT that we reviewed on our Game cart review page. I just wanted to give you a quick update on shipping of those. We told you that shipping was not available, but that problem has now been solved.

We have uploaded a couple of short videos to that game hauler review page. Take a look. I think you will be impressed with the Lo-Boy. We are not partners with the Lo-Boy manufacturer, but highly recommend their carts.

See the game hauler review page here.

Elk Recipes

There are also a lot of recipes that visitors have submitted. See them and submit your own on the recipes page.

Hunting Fitness Time!

It's about time to start training for the demands of hunting in elk country. Review the hunting fitness page here.

Please feel free to join the elk hunting forums pages here.

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