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Make Elk Retrieval Easier
July 22, 2010

Another Invention That Makes Elk Retrieval Easier

Archery elk season will soon begin in many states and rifle season will be right around the corner from there.

We've added a page about a recent invention and production of a new ATV powered tool that will help retrieve your big game when motorized access is limited. This device costs a little over $400 and attaches to your ATV easily. The only limit is how long your rope is. You will find a good idea on the new page about affordable lengths of line that will get you out there 3/4 of a mile or more, as well.

Check out the Horse in a Bag article here.

If you're in the market for a good elk cart instead, see our reviews of game haulers.

Remember, when we recommend a particular cart or the Horse in a Bag, we do not have a commercial relationship with these manufacturers. You're just getting our honest opinion based on our hands-on experience. We hope it will make your successful hunt more enjoyable and safer.

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