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August 17, 2009 Update
August 17, 2009

New Elk Hunting Forum!

There is finally an elk hunting forum set up at Elk Hunting Tips.Net.

The general elk hunting forum does not require membership. Feel free to post elk hunting pictures and/or stories and comments. Respond to others' posts or start your own discussion. Any discussions are welcome about anything to do with elk hunting.

Ask questions or share your knowledge. It will be a good source of information and entertainment when we’re not putting boots on the ground in elk habitat. We look forward to hearing and seeing what you’ve got to say or ask! If you have the answers, please share them.

The site owner will monitor the posts, but please be family friendly and courteous to others.

Forum Topics and Content

The topics of the new elk forum can be anything related to elk and elk hunting. The purpose of the forum is to discuss and share:

• elk hunting information
• elk hunting stories
• elk hunting tactics and secrets
• elk hunting photos
• equipment suggestions, etc.

Discussion topics are up to you!

Big Game Rifle Discussion

The Big Game Rifle discussion continues. To participate in that discussion click on this link: Big Game Rifle forum discussion. There are a lot of calibers that still need to be discussed.

More Elk Recipes Needed

Please submit recipes that you use for elk meat at the bottom of the recipes page by by clicking here. Hunting season is right around the corner. Archery season starts in September in most states. We are having a cool summer in Montana, which feels like fall is already here (Let's hope winter doesn't show up in September!)

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