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Corned Elk Recipe
November 17, 2011

Corned Elk? "Corn" Your Own
Wild Game Meats

Many of you have requested the corned elk recipe that I have mentioned on our Facebook page, Twitter and comment sections of the Elk Hunting Forum.

We have used this recipe several times recently and are addicted to it! Since we've been blessed this fall to have fresh elk meat wrapped and in the freezer, needless to say we won't be buying any more corned beef for at least the next year.

Here is the link for the corned elk recipe.

Of course, you can use this recipe to make corned beef, moose, venison, etc. It is actually quite an easy process.

It does involve brining the meat for at least 5 days. We are experimenting with a full 10 days after speaking to a friend whose Irish grandfather taught her his traditional method and recommends 10 days of brining.

Elk Hunt Progress

As mentioned, I was blessed to have an opportunity to fill one of our elk tags and I have a little annual leave remaining to spend on trying to fill my second elk tag. Please let us know how your elk hunting trips have gone by clicking here.

Giving Thanks

At this Thanksgiving season we are truly grateful for all of you for making the Elk Hunting Tips site a popular one. It is very helpful when you share pages on the site through Facebook, Twitter, etc., or just by sending links to friends and family who might be interested.

For some time now, if you search any search engine for "elk hunting tips", our site comes up number one in the list of results. We are grateful for that success, since all we want to do is share the passion for elk and elk hunting. The site is in its fourth year and I cannot see an end to new material needed for the site.

Just being able to be in elk country is an incredible blessing to be thankful for!

If you want to help cover the costs of "building" the site please remember to start your online shopping on our pages (no extra cost to you), using affiliate links like Amazon, Cabelas, etc. within the content, or the affiliate ad boxes. And, please add to the pages yourself through the Forum!

We appreciate you! Good hunting, good eating and God bless you and yours! Happy Thanksgiving!

Living the elk country dream,

David Rowell
Purveyor of Elk Hunting Tips.Net

Feel free to Contact Us Directly.

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